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Game Server Changes for 7 Days To Die

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I have made a few changes to our 7 days to die game servers and added a few things.


1. The server on port 26900 will be renamed to Main PvE during its next restart and new items have been added to /gimme. Auto ban rules have be re-enabled and will only kick out players. Tthese rules are as follows:



2. The PvP server on port 26910, has been renamed to Blood Moon and I setup Envul with /gimme commands, map, etc. Also added PVP type of items to /gimme, such as: military clothes, armor, mines, ammo, explosives, etc.

3. The pve server on port 26920, will be renamed to Horde Nights and will have similar gameplay and settings as our Main Pve server.

4. I have decided to shutdown the server on port 26930, due to lack of players. 

5. Furthermore, Links have been added to view the server maps in our 7 days to die forums by clicking here.


Let me know your thoughts or suggestions for our game servers by commenting below.

Best Regards.

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