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TheAngryRogue, angry just because....

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Hey all. Just wanted to throw my name out there so when folks see me they know they have a "friendly" face nearby. I may rant and rave quite a bit when it comes to gaming, but never fear. I tend to take it out by killing zeds and other poor, hapless creatures. I don't get on much, I am a truck driver and my hours tend to vary depending on the weather and how much extra work I want to put in on any particular day. My times tend to be AM weekdays and most of the day Saturday through Monday morning. 7DTD is my current fix and I'm willing to play other games with folks. Feel free to add me to Steam and check out my game list to see if you are interested in anything else that I play. Always glad to get rid of the frustration of the job.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see yall in-game.

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