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If you are curious as to why commands that you are used to using in alpha 14.7 are down and not working, then this post is for you! This question seems to get asked a lot and the reason for this is the server mod that we use that enables those commands such as /sethome, is currently out of date. This server mod wont be updated by its developer until alpha 15 is officially released and is out of its experimental stage. The most commonly used commands that aren't available at this time is:




/zgate create someplace

/zgate visit someplace

/zgate delete someplace

/zgate list











/cure research

/cure release


Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you for your continued support.

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7 hours ago, Courtesy Farts said:

but some of those still work sometimes. i've been able to set a home and teleport to it, check my wallet and day7, but they only don't work sometimes... like when i really need em to.

Yeah i didn't think they would function properly since these commands depend on that server mod to work. However that outdated server mod is still on the server and active which is probably why they are still working.

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