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7daystodie.com - Alpha 18.2 Patch is out!

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Hey folks,

He just released Alpha 18.2 b5 patch to stable. Lots of good tweaks and fixes enjoy!

Should be compatible with old saves.

Official 18.2 Bug reporting Thread


  • Create a function to lock xp amount required to a specific amount at a certain level
  • Spear should drop to the ground when a player corpse despawns
  • Several deco blocks to metal fence/furniture blocks
  • Command aliases “food”, “hungry” for “starve” and “water” for “thirsty”
  • Zombie dogs to the burnt forest
  • Terrain Quality video option


  • Burnt forest sky and fog visuals are more pleasing
  • Increased value/cost of Grandpa’s Learn’n Exiler
  • Reduced stack size on some ammo quest rewards
  • Faster crafting time on the topsoil block and hobo stew
  • Nerfed gas in loot
  • Sham chowder uses canned sham instead of sham sandwiches
  • ModGunShotgunTubeExtenderMagazine has no random range
  • ModGunRodAndSpring reduced to +15% and added missing effect that the description claimed
  • Stun effects from shotguns do not cause a cooldown on the target
  • Shotgun slugs count as AP rounds
  • 30s drink buffs increased to 45s duration
  • ArmorSteelSetParts and armorMilitarySetParts can drop along with clothes
  • Increased LockPickBreakChance by 10%
  • Bundles/pallets of items renamed to “stacks” for consistency
  • Increased the stack size of bullet tips, casings, buckshot, paper
  • Shotguns cause a short stun by default and the perk increases it’s duration instead of the chance to occur.
  • Increased spread and damage of shotguns at short range and efficiency against packs of zombies. At their max range of 10m the damage is zero.
  • Slightly more polymer in loot and from destroying trash piles
  • Stuns do not lower a player’s melee attack speed
  • Increased the damage on the primitive bow
  • Bathtub filled with gore drops more rotting flesh
  • Block material on torches/candles does not cause a loud crash sound on destruction
  • DeskLampLight should harvest brass
  • Several small loot piles have duplicate or overly loud looting sounds
  • SMG do the same damage as pistols
  • Increased drop rate for Handgun items at higher GS where the bucket needs to be larger to cover both SMG and magnum
  • Increased drop chance of T3 item parts where the T2 item does not scrap into T3 parts, such as with clubs
  • Zombie animals drop the same amount as rotten flesh as a live ones drops meat
  • PerkLivingOffTheLand reduces the cost of crafting farm plots
  • Sham recipe now creates 5 cans of sham at a time but requires more ingredients and acid
  • PerkYeahScience lets you craft gunpowder, glue, aloe cream, gas and oil with fewer resources
  • Updated burnt forest texture
  • Knivesnow cause bleeding on every hit
  • PerkDeepCuts further increases the max bleeding stacks and adds a run speed debuff to bleeding
  • ResourceElectricParts are no longer craftable
  • Lockpicks are not consumed on successful lockpicking.
  • Cheesecake now grants 5% better prices when buying
  • Fetch-only quests have lower rewards
  • Blood moon spawner ignores bedrolls
  • Improved blood moon spawner temp path grid position


  • Hide paging buttons when not needed.
  • Iron and steel spear show too bright in the dark.
  • Unity crash when hitting Esc in prefab editor containing pumpkins
  • Zombies can disable vehicles too fast
  • You can ride the bike in turbo mode with no stamina
  • Added asphalt recipe back in
  • Pumpkin recipes are not in loot
  • Warning about xuiwater
  • Inconsistent harvest on old suitcase
  • ArmorSteelHelmet missing from loot list
  • Wrong stack size on resourceLockPickBundle/recipe
  • Reading pumpkin recipes does not unlock
  • Lucky Goggles use A17 scaling and are too strong compared to the perk
  • Power attacks will break stealth erratically and may play duplicate sounds. Sneaking now prevents all power attack grunts.
  • MeleeKnucklesSteelParts missing in loot
  • Primitive bow not automatically loading when equipped
  • TreeJuniper4m is invisible
  • Quest rewards past the initial 2 chosen rewards were not randomizing order correctly.
  • Desert sunset was too red
  • Animal HP decreases with game difficulty
  • Controller: Lights radial menu used left thumbstick, now uses right
  • Equipped clothing is not moddable.
  • Requirement HitLocation is not working on arrows and bolts
  • Dedi password is not remembered when using controller in big picture mode
  • Pressing ESC in the server password window causes the menus to break
  • Allowing ESC in server password window to cancel password input
  • Inventory radial skipped when on a vehicle and using a controller
  • Lockpicks only break within the last 25% of the LockPickTime.
  • Kill The Wabbit quest does not consider the double barrel shotgun
  • Initial loading of sounds from mod bundles can cause lag
  • Vultures fall through the world when killed high in the sky
  • Bulltproofplate makes farm plots transparent when touching the plot box
  • Pistols with a full auto trigger have sound issues
  • Schematic and food recipe sounds are played for everyone to hear
  • Torch candle dupe by placing and quickly hitting drop key.
  • Chainsaw and auger not giving xp on zombie kills
  • Scopes have a red tint instead of green when wearing night vision goggles
  • IndexOutOfRangeException when copying block shape while using multiblocks.
  • Removed unneeded debug message for shape menu.
  • Apply options NRE in PrefabLODManager UpdateMaterials
  • Chili dogs do not return an empty can on eating
  • Moldy Bread recipe missing from Chem Lab list
  • Dirt and Topsoil localization says it is from the creative menu
  • Cement mixer localization mentions fertilizer
  • Several items have unintended high crafting times
  • Blurry vision does not apply when using scopes
  • Deprecated insulator item removed and from trader
  • Fixed with issue with silenced fire on automatic weapons
  • Cached map view persists between different servers with the same world a player connects to
  • Admin star is only seen on own player name when host, not when client
  • Starve command was broken
  • Reading a book from toolbelt gives 100 xp, but not the same from backpack.
  • Unknown loot_quality_templates threw an error on loading
  • Forge max crafting will only allow 80% of available smelted resources.
  • Living off the land lvl 3 was not working correctly.
  • Shotgun particles replaying after fast weapon switching.
  • AMD HD 5000 & 6000 series render ground horribly
  • CustomIconTint did not apply to icons that are in the shape selector menu.
  • Multiple turrets made constant reload sound
  • Bunch of blocks caused errors in the prefab editor
  • There was no hunting game in the burnt forest
  • Mushrooms can be planted almost anywhere
  • Typo in level 1 of electrocution er
  • “Basics of electricity” is not in the loot table
  • Battery bank unlock info is incorrect
  • Localization end table lamp
  • Reaper icon no longer stays with you on max level
  • Player dying during blood moon can stop blood moon spawns
  • Players can break blood moon spawn for entire server
  • Distant terrain brightness flickering when reflection probes updated when player moved
  • Improved reflection probe fade out range
  • Distant terrain looks white with half or lower texture quality
  • The silencer no longer blocks ADS on a pistol

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