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  1. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    Woops, I meant to direct that mostly towards dsaber, as he has been overreacting in his responses, and thinking that this is something we want to force on the community while insulting us as we were only suggesting this idea. AGAIN, I did mention that whether you guys disapprove or approve of, I am fine with whichever the results leans towards.
  2. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    Delete this post please. It's a late accidental double post since I'm not really used to this forum software.
  3. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    This is merely a suggestion, nothing more, nothing less. I welcome your stance on the matter and respect it. Again, please refer to my orange text above. Just because it's at that selling price, does not mean that it should be kept as it is. In my opinion, that's not a justifiable answer for the case you are trying to make. I'm very unsure of the Admins' intent on the server and the zcoin shop functionality. Did they initially wanted zcoins to be a core focus for the game, or a supplemental focus? From my standpoint, since zcoins is a mod, then it's supplemental, hence why my initial post and stance. For polling, that's the point and reason why I made this post in the first place, to get player feedback and to have a rational discussion about it, instead of insulting and name calling others for their opinions on the matter. I've NEVER intended to do anything else, much less trying to force something that the majority wouldn't want. The case that me and tk were trying to make are, what's the point of crafting and looting anything, if EVERYONE can take the easy way out? That just makes the server hunt zombies & zcoincraft instead of actually playing survival. I am against players having access to change the shop but I do support a more player reliant economy. Player owned shops sounds like a great idea. We've never mentioned that those who enjoy accessing the store are playing it "wrong", we're more or less offering our opinions to see where the PVE2 community server and the admins stand. If the idea was unpopular, I don't mind. If the idea was popular, I don't mind. In any case, don't we have as much of a right to offer such suggestions? Isn't this a forum for ideas and feedback?
  4. This Intro

    Thank you Capt! Still figuring everything in the game and here out.
  5. Hi there. I'm here to hopefully start something that can move into a positive direction. Certain items on the server is rather cheap, and if we earn 25 coins per zombie kill, we can pretty much hoard end game items, weapons, etc. before we truly even reach end game. Personally, I believe that the shop should be used as a last resort while not trying to decrease its usage. Admittedly, I did actively use the shop to buy items such as repair kits and ammo due to their cheap cost vs killing zombies. However, I never abused it in a way that would involve hoarding. Ammo Pricing - Before the recent change, it was 50x 10mm bullets - 10 coins. 50x 44mag bullets - 50 coins. 50x 762mm bullets - 100 coins. 50x 9mm bullets - 50 or 100 coins. 50x shotgun bullets - 150 coins. What I would suggest is.. increase the price to make it a bit more expensive when it comes down to killing zombies. It should be used for when we lack the actual materials to craft such items. This would boost player trading and reliance on one another, while keeping the shop as a reliable supplementary in case of a crisis. So.. Here is my personal take on the Ammo pricing. 50x 10mm bullets - 450 coins. Why? While I have not extensively tested it, it takes 2 headshots to kill a zombie. An experienced player can kill 25 zombies, making a small profit, but to the new players or players that cannot aim well, this is their trade-off. Plus the amount of maintenance on the SMG is no joke. 50x 44mag bullets - 750 coins. Why? Often 1HKO when it comes to headshots. 50x 762mm bullets - 1000 coins. Why? It's often the most desired ammo due to the AK & Sniper RIfle, while still packing a punch when compared to other bullets. 50x 9mm bullets - 400 coins. 50x shotgun bullets - 1000 coins. - - - 2x First Aid - 100 coins 1x Antibiotics - 100 coins 4x Meat Stew - 100 coins 10 Repair Kit - N/A I honestly do not have much of an idea to give it an appropriate pricing. The ones that I did not give a reason, is mostly because I either cannot explain it well, or I just felt it's right (to me). In any case, this whole thing is open to debate and I'm merely bringing up the issue while offering my own opinions on the pricing. Please feel free to bring up other items that you feel may be underpriced or overpriced.
  6. This Intro

    is very boring. Hi there. I came back to play 7 Days to Die after over half a year of break from it. This is my third server and I'm hoping to play it casually but also in the long run. Hopefully I can get along with almost everyone here.