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  1. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    You have every right to offer a suggestion, just as we have every right to counter your suggestion. You said it yourself, this forum is for ideas and feedback. You posted an idea, we gave feedback. Our feedback happens in this case to disagree with you. Don't make the mistake of assuming that because we disagree with you, that the suggestion does not have value. This is a common thing I see on numerous forums when people offer up an idea and people dislike it. Just because you didn't get the answers you were wanting/expecting doesn't me we are just dismissing it. We read it, we thought about and came to the conclusion that we did not think it was an improvement and stated our opinion as to why, just as you did when you fell the store price system is currently broken. So please don't construe our disapproval for your idea as saying you have no right to suggest it because that is far from true.
  2. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    Yet you are doing the very same things you are calling him out for doing. Ya know the whole kettle and pot thing. Also its a PVE server, Not PVP. Someone having access to 1000s of cheap bullets doesn't affect you in the slightest unless you let it. If you don't want to take advantage of the store, that's your choice, but don't tell the people who enjoy having access to the store they are playing "wrong."
  3. That explains why the server basicly just came to a stop a minute ago.